We love the pets who love you

We are an in YOUR home professional pet care service.

Nuzzles serves communities along the southern 1826 corridor, including Rim Rock, Woodland Estates and Goldenwood in Driftwood, Texas.

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Daily Visits

Excellent for those who work long days and can’t get home to let your pup out or go for a long walk

♦   15 minute potty break (fenced yard only) - $11

♦   30 minute dog walks or cat visits - $20

♦   45 minute dog walks or other pet visits - $25

♦   60 minute dog walks or other pet visits - $29

Need more than 60 minutes with your pet?
Contact us!

Vacation Pet Care

A great deal if you have multiple pets

We offer two kinds of pet care while you are on vacation :

♦  Option 1 - $95 per day - Up to 5 animals
With a pet sitter staying overnight in your home.

♦  Option 2 - Approx. $75 per day - Up to 5 animals
No pet sitter staying overnight in your home, but multiple visits per day are scheduled.

Dog Pack Walks

*Coming Soon*

Advance reservation is a must. Great for dogs who love to socialize with other dogs

♦  Rate: $15 per 60 minute group walk
Interested in your dog getting out with other friendly dogs for a walk around Hawthorne Loop or close by? We want to hear from YOU! While this will take careful planning on our part to be sure doggy dynamics and weather ensure success, being able to hand your dog off as we traipse around Rim Rock for an hour can be a great way to tire out an energetic pup and perhaps even give you a small break in your busy day.

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Who We Are

What Our Clients Say

“Eileen is one of the most responsible, patient and genuinely caring dog walkers we have ever used.  She visits our dachshund for mid-day potty and play breaks.  She shows our timid fur baby love, even when there are times he’s not so sure he wants to receive it!  I have appreciated her talking to me about her interactions with our pooch, and enjoy reading her daily report of her visit.  I’m so happy to have found an honest dog walker in the neighborhood.  Call Eileen if you need help….you won’t be disappointed!”

Trish Bewely Rim Rock

“We were so delighted to find out about Nuzzles after moving to Rim Rock in 2015.  We never thought we would find a dog walker as good or one that Lily loved as much as she did our dog walker in our previous home.  But when Eileen walked through the door, Lily ran to her and it was love at first sight.  We are very happy with Nuzzles’ caring, competence and willingness to go above and beyond to make sure that Lily is happy and secure.  We never worry about Lily if we know that Nuzzles is going to be coming to walk and play with her, and make sure that she is well cared for.“

Soll Sussman and Patricia Hubbard Rim Rock

“I use Eileen (Nuzzles). We adore her. Our babies love her!”

Rachel Tole Rim Rock

“Eileen Ryan-Rojas is amazing and went above and beyond my expectations and most importantly, my fur baby loves her!!”

Dee Horn Rim Rock

“We use Nuzzles for pet sitting during the week when we are at work. Eileen is fantastic with our three dogs (Cardigan Welsh Corgis).  Our dogs love her and she developed a bond with them quickly.  She is also incredibly reliable and flexible. I have been alternating working from home and in the office and Eileen has always been able to accommodate our needs. Previously, our dogs went to doggy daycare at one of the facilities near by; but they were not receiving a lot of personal attention. Eileen runs and plays with them and loves them as much as we do. We would highly recommend her services to anyone.”

Brandy and Jerry Schwartz Rim Rock

“As a former pet sitter myself, I am very picky about the care of my four legged kids. Upon meeting Eileen, I KNEW I could trust her wholeheartedly. She goes above and beyond caring and loving my dogs, cats and donkeys. She’s the best!”

Robin Benson La Ventana

“We are so happy to have found Nuzzles (Eileen and Shahla) to take care of our boy while we are at work! Shahla always provides a detailed note (and text!) on how Maverick is – giving us piece of mind that he is happy and loved when we are away! Maverick loves her!

Robyn Cardwell Rim Rock
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Who We Like

We have had positive experiences with these organizations and want to share them with you. While these are not official endorsements, we hope you find this list helpful. 

Animal Rescue

♦   San Antonio Pets Alive - (founded by the same as Austin Pets Alive)

♦   Draco’s Bulldog Rescue -

♦   Mission Miracle K9 Rescue -

♦   American Boston Terrier Rescue -

♦   Dachshund Rescue of Houston

Pet-Centered Businesses

♦   Dog Camp - (for grooming)

Located on 150 just south of the intersection with Darden Hill (162) has come recommended by some of Nuzzles’ clients.  They also offer less expensive boarding and day care but Nuzzles does not have any clients with personal experience with those services to be able to recommend at this time.

♦   Healthy Pets -

Located next to Costco at William Cannon, Healthy Pet is not only a source for quality raw and wholesome pet foods, but it also has a fantastic, “no bending over so your back won’t break” do-it-yourself dog bath that runs less than having your dog groomed elsewhere.